The things we do for our kids…Part 1

It begins... So, Its the last week of October (2015) and Josh has been saving his pocket money as he want a go kart. This all started a few months ago when he came to me with (another!!!) Youtube video, this time of some stupidly expensive battery powered kart, yes it had a handbrake and was [...]

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Abobey have MOVED!

So after two years of watching karts hoon around the circuit rather than work it's time for a move. Thanks to everyone who came to Abobey whilst at the track! We've only moved 5 minutes away to Stansted Abbotts! The lads at Xenon kart are now looking after us! Our new address is: Abobey (@ [...]

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The things we do for our kids…Part 2

16th November 2015 - Final painting... A nice early start this morning. Josh has keeper training with Te Amo at Passmores for 9. Just as we get there it starts peeing down... Arse! Still, he enjoys it and comes off buzzing. So off I go as "Daddy had to work this morning" Get to the [...]

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Why Cheap printing is bad for your Business!

(article from canny-creative.com) 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Low Cost Print Suppliers Low cost print services such as Vistaprint are damaging the print and design industry. By offering “low cost print solutions” they’re taking the majority of the work away from highly reputable printers, and delivering sub-standard solutions. Here are seven reasons to avoid low cost [...]

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Welcome to Abobey

We have finally got the site up and running. Everyone keeps asking us to work and we just haven't had the time to sort our own bloomin' site. Well, its finally up and running ! (Phew!!!!)

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