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7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Low Cost Print Suppliers

Low cost print services such as Vistaprint are damaging the print and design industry. By offering “low cost print solutions” they’re taking the majority of the work away from highly reputable printers, and delivering sub-standard solutions. Here are seven reasons to avoid low cost print solutions;

1. Low In Quality

We’ve seen our fair share of printed materials. The quality from a low cost printer just doesn’t compare to a quality printer. Owing to the high volume of traffic that sites like Vistaprint are dealing with, quality control can often be bypassed and when you look at their business cards next to a more reputable supplier, you can really tell. Sometimes, their business cards are smaller than others too.

2. It Can Hurt Your Brand

Often, printed material is the first time a new customer experiences your brand, so why sacrifice quality? First impressions count so make sure you’re making the right first impression with your printed materials.

3. Shoddy Customer Service

So you ignore everyone’s advice and order from a low cost printer. When your order arrives, the quality isn’t great, it doesn’t match the digital proof they sent and you wouldn’t be happy giving it to your clients, so, you call them, right?

Not so fast. Ringing them is easy, getting through to them isn’t. There are reports of people trying to call certain print suppliers and being on hold 20 minutes and up. Not acceptable. Once you’re through, trying to get a straight answer from them is a nightmare all of it’s own.

A quality print supplier is contactable and can answer any questions or queries you have. A service that is definitely worth paying that little bit extra for.

4. “Free” Just Doesn’t Exist

Some people are sucked into using low cost printing sites with a “free” printing offer. However, when trying to order, you find that you have to use a pre-designed template (a big no no if you’re trying to promote your own business) and you still have to pay for the delivery.

Yes, you still get your business cards at an exceptionally low price, but they also come with the printers logo on the reverse side, or sometimes even a “snazzy” calendar. Free really doesn’t exist.

5. Their Websites Can Be Messy & Confusing

Lots of low cost print suppliers’ websites can be messy and confusing. After you have fought your way through the barrage of information and added on your “upgrades and extras”, that would come as standard from a reputable supplier, you realise that…

6. They’re Not Really That Cheap

After all of your upgrades and extras that you shouldn’t have to pay for and once you pay the company to not advertise their services on the reverse of your card, your order probably only falls £10-£20 short of getting a quality print run from a local printer. Invest the extra money, it really is worth it.

7. Local/Reputable Printers Actually Care

When you go to a reputable printer, their customer service is second to none, the advice they have to offer can’t be matched and the print finishing is superb, why? Because they actually care about your work. These suppliers aren’t just looking to take your money. They’re highly professional people filled with the desire to deliver the highest quality goods at all times. Why? Because that’s how they build their business; with care, consistency and attention to detail. Bad printing reflects badly on their business, good printing results in repeat business and new clients.

In the United Kingdom, we’re blessed with some truly fantastic print suppliers and they’re nowhere as near as expensive as you think.

Have you had any bad experience with low cost print suppliers? Who have you dealt with that has left you thoroughly satisfied?